Jonathan Hartman

Warhammer Plus: BOUND FOR GREATNESS (Hammer & Bolter)

The latest episode of Hammer & Bolter has been released: BOUND FOR GREATNESS. This was a truly fun and unusual episode to score. In BOUND FOR GREATNESS, we follow the daily life of Adepth Neath, who works in a vast Librarium and is tasked with counting books. Every day, endlessly without end. But deep within this library there are terrible secrets and temptations, things that could utterly condemn someone… In scoring this episode I featured some extensive solo cello recording, which provided some gravitas for the depth of the plot and the danger that was risked. It also provided an opportunity for me to explore some unique aleatoric composing techniques with this string instrument, particularly throughout much of the horror oriented and scarier sequences SPOILER ALERT! Because of the nature of the Chaos corruption of the librarian, I decided to explore using avian sounds. So went and recorded a number of birds, as well as obtained some recordings of North American loons, which I then programmed and manipulated throughout every scene within the episode. So the influence of Chaos was always there, even if it didn’t sonically register at first. For example, I time stretched the bird sound 5000% percent[…]

Warhammer Plus: DEATHS HAND (Hammer & Bolter)

Games Workshop’s new service WARHAMMER PLUS has officially launched! Im incredibly happy to finally announce my latest television projects and my original scores for both ANGELS OF DEATH, as well as the Warhammer anthology series HAMMER & BOLTER. DEATHS HAND was the first episode that I scored for Hammer & Bolter, and in many ways it set the tone for the series as a whole. Dark, mysterious, sometimes unsettled, paired with great action sequences! The inaugural episode features a unique tale of an Inquisitor who is obsessed with the Imperial Tarot in an attempt to see the future, and he doesn’t like the results he keeps receiving. Can a man cheat death? Can he change the likely future? When an old friend arrives he finds himself facing uncertainty- who’s dangerous? who isn’t? what is the threat that he can’t see or even anticipate? This episode has fantastic twists and turns set against the backdrop of an evocative atmospheric setting. It was immensely fun to score this one! On a related side note, all of the amazing artwork shown in this episode was based off of a limited set of cards that the great John Blanche had illustrated years ago. I[…]