Jonathan Hartman



  • Label: Pillion Films
  • Release: 01 Oct, 2012

James Pillion, Director.   

Original Score by Jonathan Hartman

Starring Jonathan Ahmadi, Martica de Cardenas, and Eli Kramer

Produced by James Pillion, Tom Colarusso

“A budding Architect in 1950s Los Angeles worries over losing an important account when a wealthy client’s wife reveals her true feelings”

Jonathan Ahmadi is a talented actor, and now producer, whom I’ve been friends with for over 6 years.  When Jonathan came to me with director James Pillion’s short film, I was very interested in the brief window we get into this perfect 1950’s world.  While the film has relatively little music, the music I got to write inhabits that perfect little world, with period specific source tracks for the car, the radio, and then a beautiful lush cue for the seduction between “Jack” and “Alice”.

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