Jonathan Hartman


 Quote-Charles Rogers ACharles Rogers, writer/director.  “Autumn Whispers”, “Oysters Rockefeller”, “Ft Tilden”, “Search Party (TBS)”

Jonathan’s sensitivity as an artist is his versatility.  He is a dynamic and professional collaborator and working with him has been a highly creative experience.



Quote- MAtt Hermosillo aMatthew Hermosillo, director. “Beyond Doubt”

Working with Jonathan Hartman has been one of most rewarding experiences that I’ve had as a content maker in entertainment. From the very beginning Jonathan not only endeavored to create superb music compositions that added new dimension and life to my production, but took the time to insure that I had a grasp of all the potential options available to me. Because of Jonathan and his willingness to help me, I know that I was able to make better decisions with the resources available to me and ultimately make a better project.

In short, Mr. Hartman’s hard work and professional kindness have become my gold standard of a truly fantastic composer.

quote-bomanBoman Modine, director/producer.  

“Jonathan Hartman is one of the hardest working individuals I know.  The music that he composes has a multiplying factor that strengthens the images on-screen while carrying with it the Director’s intent.  You should work with him on your next project, he’s incredible!



Quote-JR HepburnJR Hepburn, director “Killing Khan”

With the highest regard I personally recommend Jonathan Hartman not just as a composer but being able to have each track connect to the other, creating a tapestry of unbearable tension that punctuates with organic, action shots. He is an artist.  The score for Killing Khan was by far the missing piece to our film. Jonathan is truly a master at his craft. I look forward to working with Jonathan in the near future.


Quote-Frank Merle

Frank Merle, director.  “The Employer”

I gladly give my highest possible recommendation for Jonathan as a composer!  An AMAZING score is a vital component of a successful film.  On our first collaboration together, Jonathan exceeded my highest expectations!  He has a natural understanding of characters, pacing, and mood and brings a great deal of creativity to the filmmaking process. Jonathan is incredibly talented and a true pleasure to work with.


Quote- Todd SandlerTodd Sandler, director/editor. “Star Wars- The Apprentice” 

Jonathan has the remarkable talent to cut straight to the Heart and Soul of a film.  His fierce intuition and sensibility with his “Can Do” attitude and beautiful music is something every film should be fortunate enough to experience.  I am grateful to have had the opportunity to collaborate with him





Justin Phillip, actor/director.  “You Have Arrived”

Jonathan hit the tone of the film right on the head! During post-production, I was losing faith in the film. But then we laid Jonathan’s score in, it was perfect and it was so refreshing!  His music is a whole other character in my film! I am honored and grateful to have his name on this project.



Quote-Caryn RubyCaryn Ruby, comedian/actress “The Caryn Ruby Show”

Jonathan is not only a great composer, he’s a musical expert and artist.  When I had no idea what music I wanted for my film he quickly suggested several different options and delivered the completed project in a very timely manner.  I have hired Jonathan twice and the next time I need a composer, I’ll call him again.  You should too!



quote-lee-dreyfussLee Dreyfuss, writer/producer “Minnow Pond”

I had a fantastic experience working with Jonathan.  He knew exactly what I needed and gave me quality, original music, and in the small timeline that I required it in.  He has a great studio, and his music added elements to my project that made it all come together perfectly!



Quote-Ira Newborn

Ira Newborn, composer “The Naked Gun”, “16 Candles, “Pretty in Pink”

Jonathan Hartman is a terrific film composer and musician who will leave no stone unturned in giving a director what he wants or even better, if left to his own devices. He is the most resourceful, dedicated and hard working composer I know.  Of all the students that I’ve taught at the NYU film scoring program, Jonathan jumped out at me as the guy who would be a success.